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    Hacker [GIRL]647-575-632-351

    Well that was pretty friggin blatant. Thank you for that report. Player is now banned from both servers.
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    Battlefield 3 Server

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    Player name? Did you get any video by chance?
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    Ark Survival Ascended Server

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    Black Ops Ranked Servers

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    Bad Company 2 (ROME) Server

    Hey everyone, As many of you know, the journey through the maps of Battlefield Bad Company 2 has been an epic saga of teamwork, strategy, and unforgettable battles. But just when it seemed like the end of the line for our beloved BFBC2, there's a new chapter waiting to unfold! We're thrilled...
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    Battalion 1944 Legacy Server

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    Call of Duty Ghosts Server

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    RUST Events Server

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    Modern Warfare 2 Server

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    🎮 Dive Back into Wolfenstein 2009: Exclusive Multiplayer Revival! 🎮

    Hey, legendary gamers! Craving a blast from the past? Miss the heart-pounding action of Wolfenstein 2009? Look no further! We're thrilled to announce the revival of the ONLY Wolfenstein 2009 multiplayer server on the planet - a nostalgic journey you won't find anywhere else. 🚀 How to Join the...
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    Great write up of how to install mod
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    Bad Company 2 ROME

    This is the file you need to play on Bad Company 2 servers. Drop this DLL file into the root folder. You will need to create an account on the Venice forums and use that account name and password to log in the play the game. Hit the refresh button to see a list of servers in the browser and...
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    Modern Warfare Remastered

    This is the mod that is used to play online with a server browser. You must own the game from Steam in order to use this mod and play the game. Drop these files into the root folder for MWR and run the h1-mod.exe
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    Wolfenstein 2009 Multiplayer

    This is the Wolfenstein 2009 MP game. This file does not contain the single player and is only meant for you to be able to play online with our server. Download this RAR file and extract it to your games folder. If you click the shortcut link inside, it will load and connect you directly to our...