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    new hacker "unknown soldier 6" right now

    They dont care here mate
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    And my player name is JesusDad.
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    I'm going to keep posting until you make some legit players Admin on your Blackops servers. Hackers are out of control and you are sitting and let that happen. We may as well call you Activision or Treyarch. Please! Do something. Reporting players here is a waste of everyones time. It needs...
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    Hackers galore.

    Just shut this server down if ypu are not going to have any active admins. Is really pathetic that this is the case. Everyone is complaining amd your server. Do something or lose the community.
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    Application for mod/admin?

    I also apply for admin rights. I've been Admin on 2 servers. NRC and LeGamers back many years ago. Name JesusDad. There are a few others I'd like to add also and I'll add their names here later.
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    New hacker Malay

    This guy is hacking. Name is Malay. please kick and ban. Everyone is asking for admin rights. Its become stupid to have to get these hackers banned like this. too many of them.
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    Hacker name Officialalxyz

    This user is aimbotting. You guys really need to set some active players to admin rights so we can at least kick them off immediately. Signed JesusDad.
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    What to do about rampant cheating?

    They should make some active players Admins so we can !warn and !kick the hackers. I used to Admin for LeGamers and NRC in Australia. It is so much better being able to just warn or kick them immediately.
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    New hacker

    Here is a link to the aimbot hacker steam profile
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    Unknown soldier names

    Can you please set the rules of the server to block players with names that are 3 letters or less? If you use 3 letter names the name in server is 'Unknown soldier' (plus a number) and we cannot report hackers.
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    New hacker

    Sorry I'm off to work so didnt take video. player name was iprofessor Or close to that name. EDIT- iProfessoorr
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    Please ban cheater / hacker "llllllll" Quick poor quality video
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    Sorry didnt remember the name. But I have an aimbotter right now. Name is IIIIIIII
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    So who are the mods for the server? Who has rights to kick hackers and those that exploit the game? I'm currently watching a player with zero recoil and shooting from doorway to spawn across Nuketown map. The spam shooting is a common exploit but the no recoil is a hack deserving of a ban.